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Doula Does It

You want a birth pool but you can be dealing with the setting up, sorting out, putting away, and clean up? Not to worry! Booking this package means I do it all for you. 


What's included? 

The kit includes:

  • Birth pool and NEW liner.

  • NEW hose and tap connectors to fit your taps.

  • Thermometre.

  • Sieve.

  • Non slip mat.

  • Electric pump.

  • Submersible pump.


You get the hire from 37 weeks until baby is born. In this package, You need not set anything up or clean up. I will come and set it all up when you need, this is usually a week or so before the estimate due date. I leave everything prepared and organised so any topping up of air is an easy task for you or your birth partner. I then come and clean up for you. I will empty the pool, dispose of waste (this can include the placenta if you decide not to keep and/or use), take the pool and the kit away, and do a general tidy of the birth space.

This made the home birth SO much easier. My partner was worried about having to set up and sort it all out, but Beth did everything and talked through all we needed to know and it made it easy and effortless. 

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