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If you're here because you've hired a sling from me, I'm glad you made it here ok. If you're browsing and interested, then I hope this page gives you some info and inspiration to try out some slings and carriers.

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 Why babywear?

Wearing your baby and/or child close to you has many benefits for both of you. From reducing your newborn's stress levels, regulating their body temperature, lessening their crying, creating strong bonds between you and your baby, to improving your posture, improving your mental health, aiding with breastfeeding, and even lowering your stress levels, why not give it a shot?


Sticking to these guidelines (sometimes referred to as TICKS) is a good place to start. Remember, there are many different styles of babywearing, and people have been doing this for hundreds of thousands of years, so it won't always look the same, and that's ok. Wearing a newborn on your back is safe if done safely, doing a torso carry with a scarf is safe if done safely, wearing a baby outward facing is safe if done safely. If you're unsure, get in touch for a fit check!


  • Tight

  • In view at all times

  • Close enough to kiss

  • Keep chin off chest

  • Supported back

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