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Birth Prep and Relaxation

This course is a condensed version of the full hypnobirthing course with more of a focus on putting the breathing techniques into practice, and a section of each week dedicated to guided relaxations. 

This is an online group course, so you can learn from the comfort of your own home, creating an online community of other families that you can connect with.


Week 1

Building a positive birth mindset 

What's included in the course? 

  • How to write your own affirmations. 

  • The difference between positive mindset and "being positive all the time". 

  • Which hormones are at play and how to manipulate them. 

  • How your body works. 

  • Where to give birth. 

  • How to improve your birthing environment. 

  • The stages of labour. 

  • Breathing techniques for labour. 

  • The fourth trimester. 

Each week ends with a guided relaxation that you can take a part in (and your partner too if they wish). I invite you to turn off your camera, sit back and close your eyes and listen to my voice guiding you through visualisations. This way, you put into practice what you learn during the session, and end the evening calm and grounded.  

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