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Full Hypnobirthing Course

If you're looking for birth education that will revoluntionise how you feel about birth, look no further. Throw the toxic positivty in the bin, forget about fluffy birthing courses (vaginas do not open like flowers), and strap yourselves in for a course to fill you with excitement and confidence for your birthing day.

This is an online group course, so you can learn from the comfort of your own home, creating an online community of other families that you can connect with.


Week 1

Building a positive mindset. 

How your body works. 

The science behind hypnobirthing. 

Sensations and hormones. 

Breathing techniques. 

Resetting the nervous system. 


What's included in the course? 

  • You will leanrn techniques to remain calm.

  • You will learn about the science and how hypnobirthing works.

  • You will learn about your brain affecting your body.

  • You will learn to talk about your birth plans, and how to make a birth plan.

  • You will learn that birth is different to what you've been taught.

  • I will teach you about the birthing environment and why it matters.

  • Your birth partners will learn how they can help and what their roles are.

  • You will learn ways to physically prepare your body for birth.

  • You will look at special circumstances with in births and how positive birth doesn't equate to vaginal birth.

  • You will learn about the stages of labour and coping techniques to help you.

  • You will also learn about the fourth trimester, and what happens immediately after birth.

Booking with me means you get some extras too!

  • A preparing to breastfeed workshop.

  • A babywearing demo session.

  • Free recordings for regular meditation and relaxation.

  • Access to an online community of past and present clients all sharing their experiences of pregnancy and birth.

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