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Birth Pool Hire; Take the stress out of your home birth.

So you've got to read up on everything you need to do, you have to go to your antenatal course, there are still towels to sort and affirmations to write, and then you remember you need to get the birth pool and all the accessories that come with it. Only, if you hire one, you don't!

birth pool hire north yorkshire catterick garrison

Hiring a birth pools sounds a bit outlandish, but if you think of the money, energy, and waste you save, it soon sounds like something you want to do. Many people who plan a home birth want a pool available, and why not? It helps you relax, it aids pain and discomfort, and most importantly, it increases your chance at the birth you want. So of course, lots of birth pools are available for you to do this at home since UK bath tubs aren't really up for this role.

If you have ever looked into buying one though, you will soon see how quickly it all adds up and how much you need to get that will only be used once or twice. You then also have to get it all sorted, make sure you have the right attachments, and also take it all down and dispose of it. With a hire from a doula, you skip all of this!

Hiring a birth pool means you get:

  • Birth pool (I use La Bassine, but there are other brands too)

  • New liner and hose.

  • All the tap attachments.

  • Electric pumps for the pool and emptying out the water.

  • Non slip mats.

  • Sieve, mirror, other accessories you may not have known you needed.

All of this turns up at your door and you don't have to worry about things you may have forgotten, or how to use it all, it's all in one place with instructions. Depending on who you're hiring it from you may also get extras such as a clean up included and disposal of one time use items and the placenta.

When hiring out a pool, be sure to check that there is a contract outlining what you need to do as the client, and also make sure everything is included that you want. Don't be afraid to ask questions either, doulas are helpful by nature and we want you to have the least stressful experience possible.

For more details on my birth pool packages, click here. I hire out to anywhere within 60 minutes of Catterick Garrison, and further for a travel cost.

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