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This booklet contains all the reminders and helpful info for labour. It can be used wherever and however you give birth, with space for note making and personalisation. This is a physical booklet in A5 size, making it easy to read and easy to transport to your birthing place. 



Labour Handbook

  • • Hormones and how to stimulate. Reminders on how best to stimulate each hormone and when you might need to do so. 

    • Breathing techniques. A compilation of different breathing techniques, how to do them, and when to use them.

     • Massage and accupressure techniques. Visual and written cues for massage and accupressure techniques for labour. 

    • Affirmations. A page of affirmations for birth partners to read out, or for birthing person to read to themsleves. 

    • Birth plan essentials page. Here you can include the essential info from your birth plan for your birth team to have quick access to. 

    • Notes and thoughts page. Blank pages for whatever you feel you need to include. You may wish to add people to call if needed, have some back up plans written down, include extra alternative therapies and their uses... These pages are for you! 

    • Aromatherpy. A list of some essential oils that can be used, along with when and how they can be used. 

    • Positions. Visual and written birth position reminders. Some of these might suit some people and some births better, so you can chighlight the ones that you feel drawn to. 

    • Birth partner reminders. All of the reminders a birth partner might need to support them to support you through labour. 

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